Since 2016, we have helped independent healthcare providers and groups navigate a rapidly evolving healthcare industry through managed services. Today, we focus our strengths to create competitive advantages.


Our Mission

Oceanside Health Equity’s mission is to enable focus and quality for both medical providers and investors seeking differentiated returns.

“Digital innovation is supporting and augmenting workers and not replacing them. It is allowing highly trained resources to focus on more valuable, patient-facing activities. Digital technologies are supporting health systems’ efforts to transition to new models of patient-centered care and “smart health” approaches to drive innovation, increase access and affordability, improve quality, and lower costs.”
— Deloitte - 2019 Global Health Care Outlook

OHE Devlopment timeline

  • 2016: Implemented WC/PIP business development programs at rehabilitation therapy office, increasing annual patient volume >40% in year one.

  • 2017-2018: Implemented two platform integration projects for mid-sized outpatient office.

  • 2018-2019 Launched de novo rehabilitation therapy office.

  • 2019: New Assets Under Management: Southern Region Compounding pharmacy with DME and free delivery service.

  • 2019: Launched OHE Fund 1 for medical offices.