OHE enables focus and quality


Oceanside Health Equity (OHE) is an asset management firm specializing in healthcare assets and medical office real estate. Our team’s leadership experience in healthcare managed services, management consulting, claims administration and portfolio company integration projects for Fortune 100 insurance carriers informs our approach to transforming the overall patient/provider experience to deliver higher quality outcomes at lower costs. OHE’s proprietary platform leverages innovations in accessibility, digital service and data management to drive performance in value-based reimbursement models.

About our work

Our Healthcare Advisory Team provides practice management and property management services to individual providers, provider groups, partnerships and healthcare business owners. Managing a healthcare practice or investing in the highly complex health sector demands an understanding of scientific, legal, regulatory, and political factors as well as a web of relationships with healthcare stakeholders. OHE’s suite of healthcare business administration services were built with this environment in mind. Our comprehensive suite of healthcare practice management services help to ease administrative burden, provide a world-class patient experience and leverage powerful marketing tools to position providers to offer the highest quality of patient care.

We invest in partnerships with three main objectives:

  1. Enable Focus: OHE offers comprehensive healthcare BPaaS capabilities, including automating administrative, claims and development workflows.

  2. Enhance Patient Experience: Leverage our digital service platform to securely administer patient care journeys for improved treatment adherence and reduced costs of care.

  3. Empower Providers: Manage data to improve clinical and financial outcomes with OHE analytics & insights dashboard.


Advisory & Asset management

OHE’s agile and robust platform allows our team to better manage referrals, customer service, digital transformation, business intelligence, deal flow and performance reporting.


enhancing clinical care

Coordinating care between providers and managing the associated administrative functions is no easy task, but it’s an imperative which must be met. Integrated delivery solutions can help.