OHE enables focus and quality


Oceanside Health Equity (OHE) is a real estate firm specializing in healthcare and medical office assets. We believe that medical office space is one of the most attractive segments in the US real estate market with significant consolidation opportunities. The sector’s growth is driven by the long-term demographics of a growing and aging population as well as continued, patient-driven trends toward convenience and stronger care coordination. OHE partners with specialists regionally and nationally to acquire and operate outpatient service facilities. Our service platform seamlessly integrates with existing electronic health record systems and automates marketing/administrative processes, enhancing the overall patient experience from end-to-end.

Our team focuses on de novo and value-add opportunities. In acquisitions, we seek assets that will benefit from repositioning to create substantial additional value. Our deep technical and industry expertise informs our strategy and execution, resulting in significant value for all stakeholders.


Investment management

Salesforce’s comprehensive platform allows our team to better manage leads, investor relations, business intelligence, deal flow and performance reporting.


enhancing clinical care

Coordinating care between providers and managing the associated administrative functions is no easy task, but it’s a market imperative which must be met.